I’m a cross-platform communications and journalism professional with a with a twelve-year background in writing, storytelling, multi-media content creation and audience engagement. I'm an Emmy-winning writer/producer with understanding of high-volume content creation and extensive background in long-form broadcast scripting, web design and print journalism, and a social media strategist with experience coordinating campaigns to maximize public impact and media exposure.

Whew! Now that we've gotten through the professional stuff...

I’m fun, energetic, borderline OCD when it comes to organization - my beautiful ROY-G-BIV'd closet and categorized pantry with labels all perfectly in a row serve as evidence. I’m an editorial maestro and storyteller on steroids; I can write a headline that will draw you in and produce a piece that will make you cry. After more than a decade as a journalist, I know how to craft pitches that will get your stories told. I’m well-acquainted with tight deadlines and I’m the first person my team comes to when they want something done right, and right now.

I’m also proud to call myself a helicopter dog mom to two adorable rescues.

A man takes his disdain for LeBron James to the next level

The Salt Lake City man took his disdain for King James to the next level -- by tattooing LeBron's crying face on his leg. Gilleese has always been a big fan of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, and says he decided to get the ink after constantly hearing James being compared to Jordan. "He's always flopping, crying, looking for fouls. I've never had a lot of respect for him," Gilleese told CNN. Enter Preston Schooley, Gilleese's friend and roommate who happens to be a fantastic tattoo arti

A coloring book is found at a botanical garden and it's 256 years old

A 256-year-old coloring book has been found in the library of the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Its pages feature drawings of 60 plants and flowers, along with instructions for "painting according to nature." The book, titled "The Florist," was printed around 1760 by Robert Sayer. The title page points out the pages are "intended for the use and amusement of Gentlemen and Ladies." Botanist Amy Pool was doing research when she first came across mention of the book. She later learned

There's a good reason this last-day-of-school photo is melting hearts

When Sophi Eber began kindergarten, she was in the fight of her young life with stage IV neuroblastoma. On her very first day, her mother snapped a photo of her baby beaming, despite the uncomfortable accessories that come with cancer treatment. Six rounds of chemo, 14 rounds of radiation, one nine-hour surgery and immune system stimulants later, Sophi's done with her first year of school, and with cancer. Mom Bethany Eber said she posted the end-of-year photo as a way to offer encouragement t

It's All Coming to a Close

I have kept a lot of secrets over the years, some to protect those I love, most to protect myself. But it’s time to finish chapters and close books, and that means letting all of those secrets go. I’ve got nothing to lose. I have six months to live. Actually, it could be as many as eight, or as few as four. The cancer that I thought I had beaten, as it turns out, is beating me. I learned about its recurrence in February, but we didn’t know just how bad it was until a few weeks ago. I’ve been in